Foundations are being Set Up

Jul 4, 2008 at 3:59 AM
We only make the program able to open and display a JPEG file in different zoom ratio with rulers. Next we are setting up the foundations to create the minimal system for an image document, including:
  • ImageDocument, which presents an image document
  • Canvas, with hard-coded one bitmap layer
  • ScreenRender, which merges layers and generate the display image for screen preview
  • LayerCacheManager, which caches images and previews for layers
The next lab preview will acts as the same as the previous version, but changed a lot internally. After opening a JPEG file, the image content will be imported into a bitmap layer and make a complete image document. It will be displayed by ScreenRender instead of directly drawn by GDI+ (although the GDI+ is still called by ScreenRender, but it is much more flexible for further expandability).